Blackjack Tournament Strategy

Blackjack Tournament Strategy

Ever play in a Blackjack tournament They are really fun. Over recent years, Blackjack tournaments have been offered at more and more gambling establishments-even online. While rare, some Blackjack tournaments have even been on TV. I like Blackjack tournaments, because they add a new dimension to the game-player verses player.

Money management becomes far more important (more so than it already is). As with anything in the world of Blackjack, there are loads of Blackjack tournament strategies. And once you’ve participated in a few, you’ll most likely develop your own Blackjack tournament strategies.

Blackjack strategies for tournament play are so diverse. I really don’t think there’s a right and wrong way to do things-as far as “all the time” strategy is concerned. Of course, if you win, it’s the “right” way and if you lose, it’s not.

For instance, let’s say you’re an all or nothing kind of player. The strategy you end up using for Blackjack tournaments will be large bets and highly aggressive play. This can work for or against you. On one hand, you can be out quickly. On the other, if you get a nice run of cards, you’ll be the chip king soon enough. It’s much better than being a player that always bets the minimum. Those players can hit huge runs of cards and still be just a little ahead.

In fact, if there’s one strategy I know doesn’t work too well, it’s the “hoarder.” This player will almost always bet the minimum and hope everyone else runs out of chips. This type of player rarely, very rarely wins anything. I’m not saying to be ultra loose, but if you play this tight, you’re just begging to lose. And who wants to do that Plus, it’s not that much fun.

Overall, the best strategies for Blackjack tournaments have one thing in common. They all feature mixed play. You don’t want to be ultra conservative or mega loose all the time. Mix it up. For instance, you may play somewhat conservative until you feel a run of cards and then you’ll crank it up.

Whatever you do, don’t consistently bet more after a loss. We call this “chasing a win.” It usually leads to a quick exit. My personal favorite strategy is to bet just above the minimum initially and then increase my bet after each win. I don’t double up though. I always pull a little back into the bank. With this method, I’m setting myself up to win big if I get a good run of cards and I’m set up to last a bit if I don’t.

Basics of Cyber Bingo in Cyber Casinos

Basics of Cyber Bingo in Cyber Casinos

The game that was the basis for today’s Bingo was created in Italy in the 1500’s. The weekly lottery game was as wildly popular then as it is now. In the 1700’s the game made its way to France and from there continued to spread like wildfire throughout the world. The game was used both for education, entertainment, and as a gambling game of chance. It reached the United States in the late 1920’s and was played as Beano, which was quickly changed the Bingo due to a slip of the tongue of a player. Once the internet became a popular form of entertainment, this classic game was a quickly being played against players from all over the world.

A traditional game of Bingo is quite simple and very easy to learn. Each player has at least one card with 25 boxes configured in columns and rows of 5 boxes each. Every column is associated with a letter in the word “Bingo”. Different numbers are associated with each letter, as follows
B – numbers 1 through 15
I – numbers 16 through 30
N – numbers 31 through 45
G – numbers 46 through 60
O – numbers 61 through 75

Each of these numbers is written on a ball, which is placed inside a bingo cage. The cage is turned to mix the numbers and a ball is drawn each turn. Players mark off the corresponding boxes on their cards, as the numbers are called. The first player to mark off 5 boxes in a row and yell out “Bingo” is the winner. Winning lines can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.

Cyber Bingo is played basically the same way as the traditional game, except everything is done on the computer. Players are assigned a random card and a computer selects the numbers, rather than a live bingo caller. Cards are marked by clicking on the proper box and can even be automatically marked by the computer, allowing players to walk away from the game when necessary. The main difference and biggest draw is that you can play any time, day or night, without ever having to leave home. There are even real-time chat options available, creating camaraderie and a competitive spirit between players. Games are offered for fun or for money, allowing anyone who enjoys the game to play at their own desired stakes. Just find a cyber bingo hall that offers the variations wanted, sign up, and start playing.

There are other bingo variations available online, besides the basic 5 in a row traditional game. Cyber bingo halls offer “blackout” games, where the object is to mark off all of the squares on a card. These games take a bit longer to play, but the jackpot is generally much larger than a classic game. Other configurations of marking are also used to make the game more exciting. Sometimes an “L” shape or an “X” makes up the winning combination of squares. Another popular variation requires players to mark the 4 corners of the card in order to win. Every player has a favorite version and each game can be found in multiple Cyber Bingo halls, with a variety of stakes and prizes.

The basics of Bingo play are quite simple to understand and loads of fun to play. Once the rules are learned, you should be ready and able to enjoy hours of online fun playing Bingo. All you need to do is find some great online bingo halls, sign up to play, and start winning big. Just make certain that you are aware of any variations for that specific round. Nothing is more embarrassing than calling out a single line “Bingo” during a blackout game!